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Environmental Commitment

Across the world we all know that the earth needs us to make some changes.  As a developing country Cambodia faces many environmental challenges. We are working hard to minimise the negative impacts of tourism, and at the same time educate our team about how they, and their families can make a difference.
Our commitment to the environment goes well beyond the basics of eco light bulbs & reducing unnecessary laundry.  Sojourn runs on solar power for all hot water, only using gas as a back up. We filter all waste water and then release this safely.  We partner with wonderful organisations like Cleanbodia, Eco-Sense and Pic -Ups to take advantage of compostable cassava products including casvava bags, straws and take away food packing and utensils. We also make use of alternatives like glass straws, and offer our guests the option of taking part in the refill not landfill water bottle project.  Every guest also receives a complimentary cloth shopping bag, with environmental messages in English and importantly Khmer.
We work hard to source incredible local suppliers that share our values, these include Ibis Rice, Eggsellent Eggs, Bakong Pottery, and Three Corner coffee to name a few.