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Our Origins

We are especially proud of the origins of our Spa team. All of the professional and talented therapists who work at Sojourn’s Origins Spa, have been on a wonderful and challenging journey to reach where they are today. One of our guiding principals at Sojourn is always to look for ways to provide employment for the people from within Treak Village. Massage and spa therapies have been no exception.

The challenge we faced was that the skills and experience did not exist within the village. As a result we decided to embark upon a training program which would provide an opportunity to local girls who otherwise have very few prospects.

We developed and launched a traineeship program taking girls with little education and providing complete training on spa therapies. This started with 7 girls, 6 of whom were from Treak Village. Most had completed only a few years of schooling leaving early in their primary education. Their English was non existent and for many even reading and writing Khmer was a difficult task. These girls until now have worked only in the fields or labouring work.

Today we have eight beautiful professional therapists all from Treak Village who have been trained in massage, and spa therapies. Their personal and professional growth is a testament to their dedication and hard work.

They look forward to providing you with a range of relaxing and therapeutic treatments for body and soul.

We trust you will enjoy your Origins experience.


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