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We are open daily from 10am until 10pm (earlier bookings accepted on request subject to availability)

Please call or visit reception to make a reservation.

Bookings can also be made in advance by email to

We ask you to be ready 15 minutes ahead of your treatment time for a welcome drink and complimentary footbath.

Please notify our staff of any medical conditions or pregnancy.

In the interests of all guests please turn off cell phones.

Our prices are inclusive of a 5% service charge.

Our prices are subject to 10% vat.



We use Sweet Almond Oil as the carrier oil for our massage blends. It is an excellent natural moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types.

Revitalize – Combines the benefits of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine both prized across Asia for their amazing floral scents. This blend helps restore balance.

Relaxing – Lavender and Geranium blend to balance and refresh mind and body. Enjoy the relaxing properties of both oils with the added uplift from geranium.

Renewal – Ancient Indian beliefs call Frangipani the tree of life. Renewal combines Frangipani and Lotus for their restorative and deep cleansing properties.



Aromatherapy Massage (60 mins) $24.00

Our most popular massage. Stimulate your senses to boost your body and relax the mind. A gentle relaxation massage that uses kneading techniques to help you unwind and relax.

Traditional Khmer Massage (90 mins) $30.00

An oil free massage that concentrates on pressure points and gentle stretching. The Traditional Khmer massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated. We strongly recommend a 90 minute treatment to ensure the full benefits of this therapy.

Traditional Khmer Massage (60 mins) $24.00

An oil free massage that concentrates on pressure points and gentle stretching. The Traditiona Khmer massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Head, Back and Shoulders (60 mins) $24.00

Focusing on your head, neck, back and shoulders this massage is designed to reduce stress, relieve muscles and ease tension.

Foot Massage (60 mins) $24.00

Our foot massage concentrates on the acupressure points on the feet. Relieves stress and tension and leaves you feeling refreshed.


Manicure and Pedicure

Spa Manicure or Pedicure (60mins) $17.00

Rejuvenate your nails with a warm soak & skin renewal scrub. Nails are filed and shaped. This treatment includes cuticle maintenance, moisture treatment & massage. Includes simple polish application. (French Manicure +$1)

Spa Manicure / Pedicure Combined (90 mins) $28.00

Rejuvenation from fingers to toes. Includes a warm soak & skin renewal scrub. This treatment includes cuticle maintenance, moisture treatment & massage. Includes simple polish application. (French Manicure +$1)



Facial treatments involve traditional deep cleansing, masking, toning and facial massage with the use of acupressure, lymphatic and aromatherapy massage to achieve a better complexion and give your face an invigorated glow. Old skin is gently exfoliated off, revealing the next fresh layer that is smoother, softer and vitally refreshed.

Natural Facials

Using fresh natural and where possible organic ingredients our range of natural facialswill leave you feeling and looking refreshed and rejuvenated. With the best natural ingredients like black rice, tamarind, wild honey, and cucumber your skin will glow. Each treatment includes a facial massage with aromatic jojoba oil designed to invigorate your skin and improve circulation.

Apsara’s Secret – Brightening Facial (60 mins) $24.00

Organic Wild Honey, combined with Tamarind and Aloe Vera will leave your skin looking and feeling amazing. A cooling cucumber mask regenerates and refreshes skin.

Temple Delight – Nourishing Facial (60 mins) $24.00

Treat tired skin with this deep nourishing facial treatment. Using organic honey, aloe and mango this treatment improves your skins texture from within.

Head Treatment Massage (30 mins) $12.00

Enjoy an all natural kaffir lime scalp and hair treatment. Relax while your scalp and hair are gently massaged and cleaned with the invigorating and natural cleansing properties of fresh Kaffir Lime. Includes a relaxing head massage. (Please note your hair will be wet at the end of the treatment).

Siam Botanicals Organic Facials

Siam Botanicals offer 100% natural skin care using only the very best ingredients.Much of the Siam Range is organic and it all smells and feels divine.Our Siam Facials each involve  eight treatment steps, including facial polish, relaxing massage, treatment mask and serum.  Each treatment lasts 60 minutes and will leave your face looking and feeling amazing.

Hydrating Facial (ideal for everyone)60 mins – $30

Our Hydrating facial is perfect for those with normal to dry skin, or if you are feeling the effects of the Cambodian sun.  With the benefits of Rosehip oil, known for its unique skincare properties it can help to smooth out fine lines, reduce blemishes and wrinkles. Jojoba is an excellent, easily absorbed, light, non-greasy emollient. The treatment is finished with the beautiful Rudis Oleum formulated to help  restore your skin’s natural balance and elasticity.   Its nutrient-rich blend of cold-pressed raw oils, including the “miracle oils” Moringa and Argan, has powerful antioxidant properties that can prevent and repair sun damage and minimise premature wrinkling.

Anti Aging Facial (Mature Skin) 60 mins – $30

Designed for mature skin our anti aging facial is designed to restore vitality to your complexion.   We use beautiful organic ingredients including organic argan and moringa oils with the therapeutic benefits of juniper and patchouli essential oils.  A Tamanu & Cucumber Face Balm is a natural healing and soothing formula that gently hydrates, improving the complexion and leaving your face bright and feeling refreshed.   Juniper berry and grapefruit essential oils, also rich antioxidants, cleanse congested skin of the effects of pollution.

Your treatment is complete with the Rudis Oleum Replenish formula.

Detox Facial – 60 mins – $30

Perfect for skin feeling the effects of intense weather, make up and pollution.  Our Detox facial will refreshen and hydrate your skin .  With Juniper Berry, Rosewater, Jojoba and witch hazel your skin is cleansed and hydrated.  The treatment finishes  with a beautiful serum of Vitamin E and the natural essences and ethereal oils of lavender and grapefruit to help preserve the natural balance and elasticity of your skin and protect it from the harmful effects of extreme weather and pollution.

Complete with the Natural Balance Face Serum.


Body Scrubs

This process is usually a preparatory treatment for wraps and massages. Our energizing body scrub treatments use natural ingredients to assist in exfoliation. Dead and dry skin is sloughed off, reviving and softening the new skin and improving circulation, leaving a fresh, healthy glow.

Coffee & Vanilla Bean Scrub (45 mins) $22.00

Rich in anti-oxidants this scrub is ideal for reinvigorating tired skin. Coffee reduces puckering and lessens the appearance of age spots.

Tamarind & Honey Scrub (45 mins) $22.00

Local fresh tamarind and honey combine to cleanse and calm your skin. Organic rice powder softly polishes your body improving circulation and removing dead skin cells.

Fresh Coconut & Black Rice Scrub (45 mins) $22.00

Coconut milk and freshly grated coconut combined with Cambodian Black rice moisturises whilst gently polishing the skin


Body Wraps

The body is literally painted in a natural concoction, wrapped and layered with towels for gentle warmth for around 20 minutes. While relaxing enjoy a head and scalp massage. The complete treatment detoxifies the system, soothes the muscles and re-hydrates the skin.

Chocolate, Cardamom & Coconut Wrap Anti-Oxidant Treatment (45 mins) $22.00

The antibacterial properties of wild organic honey combine with the anti-oxidants found in chocolate to replenish and renew your skin., while coconut milk gently calms your skin.

Tropical Mango Skin Smoothing & Healing (45 mins) $22.00

Mango is rich in Vitamin A & C and smooths and brightens your skin. Organic honey restores skins natural moisture and has strong antibacterial and healing properties

Palm Sugar & Ponlei Wrap Renewal (45 mins) $22.00

Ponlei or Yellow Ginger stimulates circulation, reduces inflamm ation and increases your skins elasticity. The 100% organic palm sugar promotes renewal and helps remove dead skin cells.

Additional Kaffir Lime Hair Treatment – With Wraps

While your skin is basking in the body wrap why not treat yourself to our invigorating Kaffir Lime Hair and Scalp treatment for only $6.00

Body Scrub & Wrap (120 mins) $38.00
or $44.00 with the Kaffir Lime Hair Treatment

Select any of our body scrubs and wraps for a complete body treatment.


Spa Packages

Body Glow (2.5 hours) $44.00

Glow from top to toe with a body scrub treatment, wrap, and spa manicure or pedicure. Select any body scrub and wrap (excluding Pevonia) from our menu.

The Escape (2 hours) $38.00

Designed to refresh and relax. Enjoy one of our luxurious scrubs followed by an hour long aromatherapy massage. Two hours of total escapism!

Bliss (2 hours) $38.00

Enjoy your choice of any Natural Facial followed by an hour long aromatherapy massage.

Sojourn Signature (3.5 hours) $70.00

The ultimate in pampering and the perfect way to complete your Sojourn experience. We start with your choice of body scrub and wrap to cleanse and treat your skin. While basking in your body wrap enjoy a Kaffir Lime hair and scalp treatment. After your body wrap enjoy a refreshing drink and light spa treat in your garden oasis. This is followed by a one hour aromatherapy massage.



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