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Ethical Business

We believe that operating a business in Cambodia means leading by example. To assist the country to move forward business need to pay taxes, meet their legal obligations and treat all staff with dignity, respect and the desire to help them prosper.  While this may seem like it goes without saying sadly this is often to the case.  We are proud to be a leader in these areas.

Our team is what makes Sojourn special, many have been with us for over 10 years, they have come from challenging backgrounds with difficult life stories, but they have risen to every challenge.  Over 50% of our team are from Treak Village and have been trained from the rice fields up!

They love to share their country with you, and they genuinely want to ensure you have an incredible experience both at Sojourn and in Cambodia.

Chat with our team and talk to them about their incredible country and culture.

At Sojourn we believe that businesses in Cambodia have a very important role to play, and the need for ethical, responsible and environmentally aware  business is critical. We believe we are champions of change.  We have the chance to create opportunities for people, to develop skills, provide education, share our knowledge and learn from the people of Cambodia,

We take our responsibilities seriously and are constantly working to make a meaningful difference.  We believe that responsible travel is a partnership, it requires both the traveler, and the businesses they interact with, to be committed to delivering experiences that benefit local communities and the environment.